Humanist Action Group

2015 Holiday Food Drive

For local homeless shelters in Leeds

What Is It?

Every year since 2010 we've collected together much food, toiletries and warm clothing as we could find, and donated it to local homeless shelters.

You can get involved by donating items (see our shopping list for items we're looking for), money, so that we can buy even more items, or time - telling other people about the drive, and helping us on the day. Find out more about donating below, or contact us to get involved.


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About Us

The Humanist Action Group (HAG) was founded in 2009 by Richard Parker and Chris Worfolk, in order to embody the principles of humanism and go out there and make a difference. We began with a homeless outreach programme and have since expanded our activities, including the launch of our annual Holiday Food Drive in 2010. It is now coordinated by Katie Barr and run exclusively by volunteers.

The Humanist Action Group is managed by the Chris Worfolk Foundation, a registered charity (registration number 1137220, find out details on the Charity Commission website), based in Leeds.

Contact Us

You can email us at


Previous Years

Last year, we raised £4,934.81 worth of donations! We're hugely grateful to all those who volunteered their time and money to the project, including a number of local businesses who made donations. They were delivered to four five local shelters.

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